Scrubber for Air Cleaning

Ammongas offers a wide variety of different scrubber solutions, which are customised to the specific needs. Ammongas delivers scrubber solutions with single scrubbers, or scrubber systems with multiple scrubbers in series, either for achieving emission standards, or to remove multiple substances from the gas. To ensure optimal operation of the scrubber system high quality materials are used for both columns and instruments. The scrubber is controlled by overflow and sensors.
In order to optimise the scrubber, process the scrubbers are designed to have the widest possible working area, while keeping the water consumption as low as possible.

Cooling or Heat Recuperation Scrubber

Ammongas offers cooling scrubbers and heat recuperation scrubbers in different sizes and different power levels, designed for the specific needs. Our cooling scrubbers are built in stainless steel, and can be delivered as single scrubbers, or multiple scrubbers, in case of high power levels. The scrubber system can efficiently cool the air or gas flowing through, by a stream of water in counter current. The cooling scrubbers makes it possible to utilize the heat by a heat exchanger. In this way it is possible to sell excess heat, and contribute to a greener world, while efficiently cooling the process.