CO2-polishing cleans upgraded biogas or natural gas for CO2, which makes it possible to liquify the gas. Without CO2-polishing the CO2 in the gas would freeze and crystallise, which causes problems for the liquefaction process.

To overcome these problems Ammongas’ polishing process, which resembles a biogas upgrading plant, removes the CO2 from the gas. The Amine solution absorbs the CO2 present in the gas, and leaves behind a pure gas, and thus the polisher plant can remove down to <50 ppm of CO2. At this CO2 level the gas can be liquified without complications and is ready to be used as a fuel source or for transport.

The Amine technology is superior when the criteria is a low CO2 content. At the same time, the same advantages as a biogas upgrading unit can be achieved; low electrical consumption, heat recuperation, high up-time, and opportunity to get a service agreement with Ammongas, which ensures high up-time and efficient operation.

Ammongas’ plant is robust and a durable solution, which works under pressure, but also in a pressureless environment.