An increased focus on global warming and the removal of greenhouse gasses will in the coming years lead to legislated CO2-taxes. Carbon Capture (CC) is a solution for companies to lower their CO2-taxes through reducing their CO2-emissions.
CO2 is available to capture from biogas as a cheap by-product, where the purpose of upgrading is the separation of the CO2 from the biogas. Other alternative CO2-sources can per example derive from flue gas at an incineration plant or other combustion. Carbon capture through Ammongas tailored CO2-Separation is a fairly similar process to Ammongas A/S biogas upgrading with high capture-rates to below 1% CO2 in the treated flue gas after CO2 has been separated. Possibly with an addition of pre-and post-treatment of possible sulphur(SOx) – and nitrogenoxides(NOx) in the gas composition.

With many years of experience within CO2-separation, Ammongas A/S has acquired a great expertise in CC-plants in biogas. This expertise has since then been transferred to capture CO2 from flue gas. In 2021 Ammongas won the National District Heating Award in collaboration with Thisted and SEG A/S for their demonstration of carbon capture from waste-heat flue gas by utilizing Ammongas Carbon Capture technology.

As a resource, CO2 can be utilized in several ways. Depending on the end-use, the CO2 can through the Ammongas Carbon capture plant be delivered with a quality from +99% CO2 for storage and up to food-grade or methanol quality.